28 days of taking action, building belief, becoming consistent, and mastering self-discipline.

Our goal is to improve our health & fitness through the A.B.C.D. Self Mastery system. All of these are needed in all areas of life to succeed. What one does well in one area he or she does well in all areas. Even though this challenge is for your health, we wish to help you master other areas of your life by mastering this system.


Action: Taking action to complete the daily workouts even on the days you don't want to.


Belief: Have faith within yourself that you can do and succeed accomplishing your fitness goals.


Consistency: Be consistent with your actions and your faith. Make this a part of your daily life. The more consistent you are the closer you will be to completing a goal.

Discipline: The most important attribute to success is your discipline to a task. Turning down processed foods, getting rest to start your next day off early, and passing on happy hour for some gym time fun are all examples of becoming discipline to attain you hot body!

                                 We believe in you, we just need you to BELIEVE in YOU!

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  •      28 day calendar with workouts & rest days

  •       Weekly regimens focusing on Conditioning, Endurance, & Strength

  •        Meal suggestion guide with options to reach your best results

  •        Morning Motivation conference calls MWF 530am  (playback option available)

  •       Videos of exercise for guidance and perfect form (posted in Facebook Group)

  •      Community Q&A hosted in Private Facebook group (must have Facebook)

Gym access isn’t needed until Week 3: Strength (use your friends gym if you don’t have one, so tell them to join in as well)

S.M.F.C. 49.99

After payment is complete, you will be directed to Facebook to join the "Self Mastery Fit Challenge Group"