When it comes to training you're either one that needs in person motivation and accountability, or you're one that prefers to go at it alone but needs guidance to progress to that next level of fitness. Wherever you fall we have something for you.

Before personal training can begin, each potential client is required to complete a consultation and physical assessment to determine frequency of training per week.

Personal training will include 2 additional workouts* to complete through the MYPTHub app to keep you consistently moving towards your goal.    *(Conditioning, HIIT circuit, or stretching recovery exercise)

Online packages include a 4-day split with an additional workout in 2 of the training weeks, meal guide, success guide (explains how to understand the program, meal suggestions for other diet lifestyles, and much more) You're getting my training style minus the overwhelming energy of joy I express.

Phase 1: Full Course

Builds a stable foundation, corrects muscle compensations, strengthens core, and builds a more fit and health conscious YOU. 


Personal Training: 12 45-Minute  training sessions. ($53 per session)


JAM Fitness: Level 3

Time to push your training to the limit and surpass those limitations... JAM!


Personal Training: 12 45-Minute  training sessions. ($70 per session)



Have questions about Bravo Fit? Ready to get started with your training? 

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