What is Covid Combat Training?

Due to the impact of the covid19 virus the mental and physical state of our citizens are at stake of falling into a whirlwind of bad habits.
We created a program to keep you active and eating well to increase your immunity, endurance, physique, and self love.

No gym equipment? No Problem!

All you will need is 2 single gallon jugs of water and/or sand to increase the resistance of your gallons.

Tutorial videos will be provided to show you how to perform each exercise. 

A Facebook group will be available to post questions and gain or give moral support.

We're in this covid combat together so lets train together...JAM!


Have questions about Bravo Fit? Ready to get started with your training? 

Micah “Bravo” Matthews

2924 Lucas Dr. #2032

Dallas, TX 75219

(469) 274-9158