Fitness is more than just putting in work at the gym. It’s a mindset that requires persistence, dedication and a desire to improve ourselves.  When I became a trainer more than a decade ago, I knew that to help people reach their goals, I had to be passionate about the process of building others mentally, physically, and spiritually. Which is why in 2015, I left corporate America as an Electrical Engineer and dedicated myself to my passion – helping you get FIT.


Regardless of your fitness goals, I can help you get there. My programs are designed to simplify the process:  helping clients to improve their form, create healthy habits, and gain endurance and insight to excel in all facets of their lives. Through consistent engagement and communication, you will learn not just how to produce the body you want, but you will be educated about eating right and mastering each muscle group for continued results.


Another part of my program and fitness philosophy is that after all my sessions, I pray with my clients—no matter your religion or beliefs. I believe that our words have power, and no matter who you pray to, you will leave each session tired but motivated. Start your journey today, and we will aspire toward good health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and money. See you in the gym…JAM!​

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